Explorer II

Rory Dawson

About Winner

Rory Dawson Rory Dawson

Rory Dawson

''The overall experience for me was overwhelming, never thought I would actually win the watch! The thrill off playing and the anticipation of the draw makes the whole experience exciting!

I was in France coming to the end of my break when I got a phone call from Watchlotto when they revealed I won July’s competition!

I put 41 entries into the competition and it definitely paid off! Quite literally! I’ve bagged my self a high end watch for the price of sky sports for a month!

Throughout the whole experience, undoubtedly the most exciting part was when I got the face time call from Watchlotto and telling me I have won the Rolex Explorer II, seeing the watch for the first time, even over FaceTime between two countries the watch still excelled itself.

When I was finally back in the motherland, Harrison came and personally delivered the watch to my work which topped off the whole experience. Seeing the watch in the flesh, with the sun shining, bouncing off the face of the watch, it really is a stunning watch.

I have told all my friends and all my family members capable of using anything technological. Anyone else who is having doubts about this, is so wrong, I was sceptical at first but wow did it pay off, I am going to enter every month and be sure to take my chances again!

Thanks again Watchlotto and Harrison for this amazing watch!!''

About the Watch

The first Explorer watches were provided as tools for the successful Everest expedition of May 1953. Rolex released a modified version of the Explorer later that year.

With a black dial and painted-on luminous indices and numerals, which made it more legible under all lighting conditions, this watch satisfies all the requirements of expeditions and other adventures.


Explorer II Black Dial
Value of £9,000.00 £299 per entry

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