Oyster Perpetual 39

Owen Simmonds

About Winner

Owen Simmonds Owen Simmonds

Owen Simmonds

''I came across a Watchlotto advertisement and as a huge lover of watches, I was very interested. I quickly sent the advertisement to a friend, who is also a watch enthusiast, where we joked about winning one of these watches. So that evening, I placed three entries on a Rolex and forgot about it. A few days before the competition ended, I decided to place two more entries to up my chances.

I received a phone call from Harrison, explaining to me that I was the winner of a brand new Rolex. I was shocked and I didn't really know what to say! Harrison quickly organised collection of the new watch, and travelled down to Plymouth from London the following day!

That Sunday, Harrison and his team arrived in the afternoon and present my brand new Rolex! Opening the box and seeing the Oyster Perpetual for the first time, I was speechless. It's a privilege to own, something I thought would never be possible, at least for quite a few years!

For anyone entering, I wish you the best of luck! You never expect to win these things but it does happen! Thank you to Watchlotto for making this happen! I'm very grateful.''

About the Watch

Everything about the Oyster Perpetual is kept simple; from the smooth, polished bezel to the dateless dial, brushed case and snap-fit clasp.

Even the movement is keeping it old school, a 48 hour, chronometer-certified powertrain delivering a four-second accuracy window from its free-sprung balance, all sealed to 100m depth. The simplicity of an original.

Oyster Perpetual 39 Steel
Value of £6,166.00 £99 per entry

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