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Liam Barron

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Liam Barron Liam Barron

Liam Barron

My experience has been very quick and very very uplifting. I entered the competition the week before the draw after seeing it advertised on my Facebook news feed. I've entered many many competitions for watches and holidays, it caught my attention so I naturally followed the link to the Watchlotto website to see what watches were available and low and behold my dream watch was there for me to enter to win. I purchased 2 tickets for £7 each and then thought nothing of it. The moment I got the call to let me know I was the winner, was a Friday evening around 5:30pm as I was walking into a restaurant for a meal with friends. My mobile phone was ringing away, I didn't answer as I wasn't in the mood to be bothered by some sales person or PPI claim company, after the missed call I received the text from the team, then the excitement started to kick, I scrambled to call back the second I read the text. 'Liam you're the winner of your dream watch'. Over the years I've entered an endless amount of competitions and never won a thing. I've entered Watchlotto once with 2 tickets and won a watch that I'll never be able to buy normally. I implore anyone thinking about entering Watchlotto to go ahead and do it, it's a real genuine lottery.

About the Watch

This watch is not just a classic Submariner but a striking and highly collectible variant edition.

The watch is easily recognisable thanks to its rare green bezel and dial, causing collectors to give it the affectionate nickname Hulk.

Submariner Date
Submariner Date
Submariner Date
Submariner Date HULK
Value of £27,000.00 £695 per entry

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