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Nathan Sok

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Nathan Sok Nathan Sok

Nathan Sok

What more can I say about Watchlotto that hasn’t been said, this company is just AMAZING!! What I love about this company is that you can pick your choice of watch you would like to win, fortunately for me I can say I won TWICE with this company! Just to show you that the odds of winning are great and the prices per ticket is so inexpensive, if you LOVE watches you must give this a try!! And if you’re wondering which watch I won, it was a Sky-Dweller (blue dial) and a GMT Master II Batman. Thanks Watchlotto you are all wonderful people and I wish I can give you all a hug!!

About the Watch

This Rolex GMT Master II, more well known as The Batman Rolex.

The iconic two-tone bezel is the first full-production outing in blue and black. Moreover, its made of a single block of cerachrom, using a patented process that makes it the first watch to feature ceramic components in multiple colours.

GMT-Master II Batgirl
Value of £18,000.00 £930 per entry

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