Santos De Cartier

David Clayden

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David Clayden David Clayden

David Clayden

Watchlotto is a fun way to help great charities and to have a chance at winning great prizes... and unlike just picking numbers, you can use some skill to work out where the football is. After becoming a winner, Deborah was so helpful and answered my questions. Who knows? I may win again. Watch this space!

About the Watch

Originally built for Aviation, the Santos De Cartier was originally created in 1904 following a promise to produce a watch with the ability to tell the time when flying, a feat that was almost unfathomable at the time.

But the superior watch craftsmanship of Louis Cartier pushed the boundaries of watchmaking once again to achieve the Santos De Cartier, a now world-famous luxury watch. Faced in a geometric style with exposed screws, the collection still pays homage to the original timepiece.

Santos De Cartier Steel and Yellow Gold
Value of £8,350.00 £560 per entry

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