Cosmograph Daytona

Shakil Patel
Shakil Patel

About Shakil

I played Watchlotto for the first time thinking I had no chance I would win as a new player and I ended up winning my dream watch with only 5 tickets.

It’s great value for money for the price of the luxury watches being given. I was hand-delivered the watch literally the next day after the judging and it was the best experience and I couldn’t believe it was actually mine to have.

I’d definitely recommend playing Watchlotto because truly anyone can win no matter how many times you’ve been trying and it is more of a skill based competition than a raffle.
I highly recommend to all and have a try!!!

About the Watch

What's there to say about this watch? A lot, really.

The Daytona is arguably the most sacred watch to Rolex collectors, rivaled only perhaps by the Submariner.

Named after the Daytona International speedway, The Daytona is designed for the drivers of today.

Rolex has really built a watch specifically not for "people" in mind, but for the wristwatch connoisseur.

Reference: 116500LN

Cosmograph Daytona
Cosmograph Daytona
Cosmograph Daytona

Cosmograph Daytona

Value of £28,000.00
X: 748, Y: 134

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