Superocean Heritage II

Ollie Barlow

About Winner

Ollie Barlow Ollie Barlow

Ollie Barlow

''Watchlotto was great the moment I was introduced to it. I would have one go on two different watches every month (Rolex submariner at £3.99 a go and the Breitling super ocean heritage II £1.99 a go) and wait in anticipation towards the end of each month.

I was on holiday in Wales at the time that Watchlotto got in touch with me, ironically I was in a jewellers in Cardiff just browsing. They left me hanging with anticipation until the next day to find out which watch I was getting, a sleepless night was had.

It didn’t sink in until Harrison phoned me the following day and still didn’t feel real after he showed me the watch over a FaceTime phone call. The most exciting moment was getting off the phone and explaining to my girlfriend what had actually just happened, crazy.

The realisation that this was happening was when Harrison was on my doorstep at 11am with the watch in hand. He was excited to show me the watch and all the details that came along with it, I was doing flips inside. I had just won a £3,590 breitling for £1.99 and still didn’t believe it.

I can’t recommend it enough, I’ll still play once a month for that submariner especially when its cheaper for one go than a pint in most places.''

About the Watch

Equipped with an ultra-hard and scratchproof high-tech ceramic bezel, this loyal companion of the finest adventures perpetuates the unique and timeless style of the legendary 1957 model.

It is water-resistant to 200m (660 ft) and the case houses an officially chronometer-certified self-winding manufacture caliber.

Superocean Heritage II Steel - Gun Blue
Value of £3,590.00 £199 per entry

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