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George Tagg

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George Tagg George Tagg

George Tagg

The overall experience was not only incredibly enjoyable but the whole process was very easy. It’s easy to overlook this app as the internet is filled with uncertainty, but this is as genuine as it gets.

I had just woken up when I got the call from Harrison and I thought I was still dreaming, the process from there was quick and painless, in organising delivery and so on. Having only spent £7 and winning a watch worth £2,560, it is most definitely worth a punt.

The most exciting moment was seeing Harrison at my door, at that point it really sunk it that I had actually won! All I can say is that this competition is definitely worth a shot, this was my first time playing and I’ve walked away with brand new Omega. What more is there to say.

About the Watch

Omega De Ville watches are elegant, sophisticated and opulent, yet still contain the precise technology that earned Omega their reputation as one of the leading Swiss watch manufacturers.

This Omega Deville Prestige comes equipped with a 39.5mm case, which houses the white dial and hand-made automatic movement that provides the power and this timepiece is water-resistant up to 30 metres.

De Ville Prestige Chronometer
Value of £3,150.00 £99 per entry

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