GMT-Master II

Jonathan Lee

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Jonathan Lee Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee

My experience with the team at Watchlotto has been beyond amazing. I was scrolling through my Instagram one day and Watchlotto somehow appeared on my Instagram feed. After looking at the website and the company, I decided to enter it and try my luck for my dream watch, the GMT Master II Pespi. On Tuesday morning, I had just woken up in preparation for work. I glanced at my phone whilst in bed and saw two messages and an email from Harrison notifying me I had won. I literally jumped out of bed in disbelief. They called me on Tuesday morning and immediately arranged for delivery. They managed to quickly organise flight tickets and arrived on the Friday in Australia all the way from the UK!

Meeting Harrison and the Watchlotto team has been awesome. Seeing Jamie pop out to present me with my dream watch was such an exciting and surreal moment. It is still a moment that I relive in my mind and brings smiles to my face. I had been trying to obtain the GMT Master II Pepsi for quite some time now and managed to win it with Watch lotto on my first try. Harrison, Jamie and Louis were all very friendly and genuine.

Overall, I would highly recommend Watchlotto to anyone from anywhere. Watchlotto gives you a great chance to win your dream watch for a small amount. If anyone is currently considering entering, I would encourage to do so. You just might be able to win on your first attempt like myself!

About the Watch

Coke or Pepsi? Its a matter of taste, some say, and individual tastes always differ. But there is only one right answer if you are talking about the Rolex GMT-Master.

Although the manufacturer made a version that had a GMT bezel in red and black, called Coke, the first GMT-Master from 1955 bore the red-and-blue scale for the 24-hour display and was nicknamed Pepsi.

GMT-Master II
GMT-Master II
GMT-Master II
GMT-Master II Pepsi
Value of £20,000.00 £775 per entry

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