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Watches of Switzerland | Zenith event

02nd October 2018

Watchlotto was exclusively invited to a Watches of switzerland event last week, to reveal the brand new and outstanding pieces released by Zenith SA. A watch maker passing on ancestral skills in order to forge the future. Fulfilling the destiny of a Fine Watchmaking Swiss Manufacturer consistently driven by daring, authenticity and passion since 1865.

Defy LAB

The main focus was around the 21st century Defy LAB. Which claims to be the most accurate mechanical watch ever created.

A new oscillator representing a major innovation in the watch industry since the 1675 invention of the balance and hairsrping principle by scientist Christiaan Huygens. The 21th century Defy LAB achieves exceptional performance making it a master of mechanical precision powered into a whole new dimension. 


First watch with a case (44 mm in diameter) made from Aeronith, the world’s lightest aluminium composite material.

Thankyou again to Watches of Switzerland for the invite to this luxurious event. For all our viewers stay stuned for more upcoming events.