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23rd August 2018

We are proud to introduce the Rolex Submariner Date (Hulk) and Rolex GMT Master II (Batman) to this months draw. We are lucky enough to be able to obtain these very rare collectors watches, and delighted to give you the chance to win one of these time piece superhero's. All you need to do is play. 


This Rolex GMT Master II, more well known as 'The Batman Rolex'. Features a superb cal. 3186 (with parachrom hairspring and Breguet overcoil), a lacquer dial and white gold Chromolight appliques, but its most impressive asset is the bezel. The GMT has long been known for its iconic two-tone bezel, to differentiate day and night, but this is the first full-production outing in blue and black. The material starts as entirely blue and the black colouring is added to the appropriate half while the substance is still porous.

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This watch is not just a classic Submariner—one of the most popular and iconic watches in the world—but a striking and highly collectible variant edition. The watch is easily recognisable thanks to its rare green bezel and dial, causing collectors to give it the affectionate nickname “Hulk”, although LV itself stands for Lunette Vert (“Green Bezel”). A very good watch for investment purposes as well as a time-piece, you won't find these for the suggested retail price anymore.

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