How to play 'Spot the ball'

26th January 2020

Spot the ball is a popular prize game that a lot of competitions use to pick a winner. It’s as simple as the name, all you must do is spot the ball but… there is no ball. Confused? Not to worry, because we will be explaining it all for you.

What happens first?


We are given a selection of photos that have been taken at football matches, and they are given directly to us. Meaning there are no images online or in the news, showing where the ball is and giving the game away. The perfect shot is then selected, normally an action shot with more than one player and one that will still give a rough idea of where the ball COULD be. This is so that when it comes to the judging process, our judges can usually spot the ball by following the players’ eye line or by their body language. It’s easy enough to participate as no football knowledge is necessary, as we are a watch competition, we don’t expect everyone who enters to be football experts. Although it isn’t always as straight forward, as sometimes the players’ eyes may be shut, or they may be looking elsewhere which can throw you off.

Will the winning spot be exactly where the ball was?


We have a team that has some of the best photo editing equipment, so once the picture is picked, we then have the ball removed. We make sure to leave no trace of the ball, otherwise, I’m sure a few eagle-eyed players would be able to make out where the ball was. Some competitions are not fussed about leaving some traces of where the ball was, as they will use a completely different location as the winning spot. In theory, the winning ball location could be on the opposite side of the picture from the real location. However, this would be very misleading and unfair. Rest assured, here at Watchlotto, the winning spot will be chosen by 4 individuals with a handful of football knowledge. You can check out who we have used previously to judge our competitions HERE and if you’re a football fan, I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

How do I play?

WB7_0021A w-markers

All you must do is decide where you think the ball is, based on some of the hints the picture will give you. You should take your time and pay attention to everything in the picture that may help you pick the winning spot! The judges will come in and inspect every part of the picture to help them decide where they place the winning marker, so you should too. A lot of people tend to place multiple markers on the picture to increase their chances of winning. You can watch our previous judging videos HERE which may give you a better understanding, as they will go into depth about why they have decided to choose that particular spot.

Who wins?

WB7_0021A w colour markers

Once the competition has closed and all entries have been made, we will then have 4 football professionals come into the office and individually choose where they think the ball is. We then get them together and they are able to discuss between them why they have chosen that particular spot. All four judges will then decide the winning spot, taking all judges individual markers into consideration. Whoever guesses closest to the judges coordinates wins! The winning spot may not be exactly where the ball previously was, but with our judge’s knowledge, it is never far off. If you are still unsure on how to play, you can check out our walkthrough HERE.

Once we have the winning coordinates, we will contact the player and let them then know that they have won and can discuss the delivery of their brand-new watch. Each player chooses either one watch to play for or they may have played for multiple different watches. During our call with the winner, we will let them know which watch they have won and how long they have before they’ve got their new watch in their hands! We have multiple different watches available to play for including Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Hublot and many more!

Would you like to win a watch? All you have to do is play and who knows, we could be seeing you very soon…