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How Patek Philippe Makes Some Of The Best Minute Repeaters In The World

19th October 2018

Everything you wanted to know about the brand's incredible chiming watches (and a few things you didn't).

As far as complications go, minute repeaters are pretty close to the top of the top. They are exceedingly complicated to make, require a great level of connoisseurship to enjoy and understand, and tend to cost rather large sums of money to obtain.


 The caliber R 27 PS, which powers the ref. 5078R.

Even if you think you're not a minute repeater sort of person, these are watches that are undeniably incredible. The mechanical know-how required to engineer a caliber like what you'll find powering any one of these repeaters is truly insane, the finishing on each of the movements is staggeringly beautiful, and the romance embodied by such a non-utilitarian complication is everything many of us love about mechanical watches at large.