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A message from our founder Harrison Gwinnett

Harrison started Watchlotto in 2018, with the idea of giving the opportunity for individuals to win luxury watches with a community feel to it. This idea broadened from his fascination of watches and wanting to make them more accessible to obtain. So, he decided to set up Watchlotto, the company which allows you to win your dream watch for a fraction of the price.

He always was considered as a ‘watch nerd’ and shares this passion for horology with the Watchlotto community and regularly takes over the social media accounts, which can be seen in the majority of giveaway videos.

As in his own words… “For me, awarding luxury watches is a brilliant feeling. The company has fit perfectly into the luxury watch community and we will continue to award prizes and donate to charity for many years to come.”

When asked his most enjoyable moment so far, Harrison said “When we flew to Australia to deliver a prize. Before that we had only had UK winners and it was an amazing experience to meet our overseas community, the support has been brilliant, and we will continue to work our hardest for our community”.

Now a couple of years in, Harrison still takes an extremely active role in the company enjoying every moment as it comes, but also making sure that everything is executed to perfection.

Kind regards,

Harrison Gwinnett Signature

Harrison Gwinnett, Founder

About Watchlotto

Our History

The launch of Watchlotto

In June 2018, Watchlotto launched their first ever competition and awarded a brand-new Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 to our first winner Owen Simmonds. He won a £4,500 Rolex for just only £0.99p and was extremely happy with his winnings. Continuing competitions in 2018 we awarded over £25,000 worth of luxury watches and six winners. Then we paused all competitions for essential development work.

The Comeback

After six months of development work and plans to award higher value prizes to our users, the new website was launched in October 2019. The first winner having won a £13,000 Rolex Submariner Hulk. We also had our first high profile judges which include Andy Cole, Sol Campbell and Hermann Hreiðarsson.

More winners, more donations and more prizes

The aim of 2020 has been all about awarding more prizes, donating more to charity and having more winners. So far, we have awarded over £48,000 in luxury prizes, flew to Australia to hand deliver a brand-new Rolex Pepsi, and supported numerous charities such as help for heroes, children with cancer and many more.

Our Charities

NHS Charities Together

£500 was donated in May to support NHS Charities and provide vital funds to help the NHS to do more.

Young Minds UK

£500 was donated in April to support children and young people’s mental health.

Teddy Hewitt Foundation

£500 was donated in March to support families in need of financial and physical support following the passing of a child.

Help for Heroes

£500 was donated in February to support British servicemen and women who have been injured or wounded in the line of duty.

Mind Charity

£500 was donated in January to support those experiencing mental health problems.

Children with Cancer UK

£500 was donated in November to support the leading national children’s charity, which dedicates fighting against childhood cancer.

British Heart Foundation

£500 was donated in October to support those with heart or circulatory conditions.